What We Believe

What we Believe!

We believe youth are intuitive. They sense when a lesson is contrived, or when a mentor is bored. They yearn for questions that matter, for sincere preparation, and for dedicated mentors. We believe we have an obligation to provide those things and respect the intuition of youth.
We believe youth are powerful. They have important influence with their peers for good and bad. They are establishing patterns that will guide their lives. They contribute to making family and friend relationships awesome–or not. We believe in respecting that influence, and informing the decisions of youth about the impact and importance of their choices.

We believe youth are developing. They are in a fascinating, formative, fun stage, and magic happens when they experience a learning environment that honors their needs, gifts and curiosity.

We believe intermediate students are unique. They are neither old elementary school students nor young high schoolers. They deserve an educational model designed just for them. The tools of online education help us deliver this in a way that’s fresh, fun, challenging, and flexible.

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